“Hellenic Fine Oils S.A.” aspires to become a leader in the food industry by developing and distributing products of the Greek land worldwide, which are inherent in the superior taste and rich nutritional value.



Superior quality products

The company’s products are distinguished for their high nutritional value, which is maintained without the addition of preservatives during the production process, the rich flavor and quality characteristics that gathers under the law. Our primary concern is the safety and pleasure of the consumer.


Adaptability and continuous development

Human nutrition needs are constantly evolving. The structure of the main and supporting functions ensures the company’s flexibility in the changing conditions in the marketplace, the thorough understanding of the upcoming needs and their adequate fulfillment by the development of existing or even new – innovative products.


Providing high quality services system

The company’s philosophy is to add value to each service provided to the customers before and after purchase so as to develop stable and long-term relationships with them.


Investing in workforce

The company relies on its people, who advocate its culture in every level, exploits capital for continuous education and skill development, while promoting fair play and communication among them.