“Hellenic Fine Oils S.A.” aspires to become a leader in the food industry by developing and distributing products of the Greek land worldwide, which are inherent in the superior taste and rich nutritional value.



Superior quality of products

The company products are distinguished for their high nutritional value – which is maintained without the addition of preservatives during the production process -, the rich taste and quality characteristics based on legislation. The company’s main concern is the safety and satisfaction of the consumer. In recent years it has invested in the creation of products with health protection properties and health claims with the aim of providing consumers with quality products based on recognized scientific studies and data. One of the main goals of the company is the development of innovative products developed by the Research and Development department, which are created with the aim of protecting human health and respect for the environment, while introducing the consumer to a healthier diet. The products also facilitate the cooking process.


2. Adaptability and sustainable development

The needs of human nutrition are constantly evolving. The company has designed its main and auxiliary operations in such a way, so that it can be flexible in each new market demand, to understand the needs that arise and to adequately cover them with the development of existing or even new – innovative products. Although the company activity is in principle cyclical without harming the environment, a continuous effort is made to reduce the effects of this activity as much as possible on a daily basis. For this reason, it strives to find optimal solutions by setting goals to reduce packaging use and produce sustainable products. It also works with suppliers who share the same philosophy and the same environmental – social values.


Provision of high level of services based on ethics

The company’s philosophy is to provide added value to every service it provides to the customer before and after sale, in order to develop solid and long-term relationships with them. Also, both collaborations with customers as well as with suppliers operate on the basis of professional ethical values, as defined by the certification protocols.


Investing in the workforce

The company relies on its people, who advocate its culture at every level, utilizes capital for the continuous training and development of their skills, while at the same time promotes fair play and cooperation between them.
Particular emphasis is placed on the training of personnel in terms of health and safety at the production site. Employees are also trained in the health protection properties of the products produced and quality assurance. Also, specialized training is provided regarding the tasting of extra virgin olive oil, with the aim of being able to assess and ensure the quality of the raw material from the stage of purchase of the olive oil to the sale to the final consumer.The company has also set up a Research & Development department, with specialized staff.