Lampero Sunflower Oil

Lampero Sunflower Oil

Rich in:
a) unsaturated fatty acids (omega-3), with predominantly: linoleic (55%) and oleic (27%)
b) vitamin Ε and
c) phytosterols!

As a food rich in polyunsaturated fats, it falls under EU Health Claim 432/2012, which concerns the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels. Therefore, it is a biofunctional food, when it is consumed raw, such as in salads.

Due to its high content in antioxidants, such as vitamin E, it is one of the most stable oils during frying and storage. It is one of the staples in domestic and industrial use in Greece due to its neutral taste and durability.

Ideal for frying and making sauces!

Lampero Sunflower Oil is available in the market in PET packaging of 1lt, 2lt, 3lt, 5lt and 10lt, thus covering your every need.

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We strongly recommend you to use it in French Fries.


Lampero Sunflower oil

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