Vivo Maxi


Vivo Maxi has been specially formulated from a unique blend of vegetable oils. It is ideal for those wanting to reduce their trans fatty acids intake without compromising on fry life. In fact, Vivo Maxi lasts 2.5 times longer than the common vegetable oils due to its high oxidative stability. It is a non hydrogenated oil and remains liquid at room temperature. Thanks to its composition, it requires fewer oil changes. In this way, disposal costs are minimized making it an optimal choice for the professional use. Vivo Maxi is ideal for “heavy duty” frying applications, as well as suitable for shallow frying, baking and sautéing offering a delicious and crispy result. It fulfills the needs of the following type of customers: hotels, catering industry and leisure centers.



We propose chicken wings.


Vivo Maxi

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