Our products are manufactured in modern industrial facilities in Kalamaki, Corinth. The mechanical equipment and the production operations are subject to continuous monitoring, so that they comply with international quality and hygiene standards.

The company holds the ISO 2200: 2005 and IFS Food Standard certificates, which ensure that it faithfully implements a quality management system in the field of standardization and distribution of olive oils and seed oils. It is also a member of the ELLA-DIKAMAS – Essentially Greek initiative, which consists of a community of Greek-owned extroverted, manufacturing companies, which aims to highlight and promote the modern, business and productive culture of our country. In the context of this effort, and based on the modern requirements of corporate social responsibility, the company has been certified based on the ETHOS protocol of ELLA-DIKAMAS. It also has a license to standardize organic extra virgin olive oil from DIO and PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil from ELGO Dimitra.

In addition, not only raw and secondary materials, but also final products are tested in the fully equipped laboratory by specialised chemists, who guarantee their premium quality to the consumers.

ISO 22000: 2018 Standard

IFS Food Standard

US FDA Certificate




The wealth of Greek land is worthily represented by our products, which gain international recognition. The unique raw material and the carefully selected packaging, that preserves the flavor and the color of each product, contribute to the corporate recognition worldwide, which is strengthened over the years.

A little bit more about our company’s awards:

“2021 – New York International Olive Oil Competition – Gold Award” for “Ananias PDO Kalamata”

“2021 – World Olive Center – Silver Standard of Excellence for High Phenolic Extra Virgin Olive Oil” – “ENIGMA EVOO” Rich in Polyphenols (938 mg/kg – NMR method)

“2020 – Los Angeles International Olive Oil Competition – Bronze Award” for “Sparta Essences Oregano” and “Bronze Award” for “Sparta Greek Islands”

“2019 – New York International Olive Oil Competition – Silver Award” for “Sparta Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil”

“2019 – Greek Exports Awards – Top Branded Export Product”

“2017 – London International Olive Oil Competition – Silver Award” for “Sparta Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil”