Lampero Fritto Superfry

frito SUPERFRY 10lt


Fritto Superfry consists of a blend of vegetable oil (high quality sunflower oil & olein) suitable for frying. It is an ideal solution for those who want to have a high frying performance product compared to conventional seed oils. At the same time, it is an economical solution for the professional kitchen, because, thanks to its increased durability, it leads to cost reduction. The Lampero Fritto Superfry serves the professional chef and is ideal for uses such as frying potatoes but also other types of food. It is a non-hydrogenated oil & thanks to its composition the result in the food is excellent & crispy without odors.

• 100% natural vegetable oil
• Non GMO
• Ideal for frying
• Liquid form
• Suitable for all types of food
• Non hydrogenated
• Available in food grade PET of 10lt

• Trans fat free
• Frying stability
• High performance
• Economical solution/ improved performance-price ratio
• Neutral odor/flavour

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