Calories: 280

Difficulty: 4

Time: 20΄





As it is impossible to know the proportion of starch and moisture of the potatoes, you can follow our advice for double cooking potato to get extra crispy crust. In any case, do not forget to use the Greek product Lampero Sunflower oil to seal the success of your dish.

1. Peel the potatoes and cut them into sticks. Rinse them with water thoroughly. At this stage, the potatoes may be preserved in the refrigerator for several hours. Pour the sunflower oil in a pan and wait until it reaches a temperature of 150°C.

2. Drain and pat dry the potatoes thoroughly and pour the sticks in the sunflower oil. Great quantities of potatoes should be avoided. Stir once in a while carefully.

3. Fry until they become tender. This is an important stage as the recesses created help the oil to penetrate the interior of the potato and to create a crispy crust during the second phase of frying.

4. Pat dry the potatoes and salt them lightly with fine salt while they are still hot. At this step, you may preserve them at room temperature for a few hours or in the refrigerator.

5. Increase the temperature of the oil at 180-190 ° C and fry the potatoes until they become golden brown and crispy. Pay attention one more time to the added quantity. They should be neither too many sticks in the pot to avoid being crowded and boiled, nor too few to prevent them from getting burned!

6. Drain the potatoes on absorbent paper and sprinkle the top with coarse salt and oregano.